News 2007

28th December

Welcome to kennel Peacemaker pepper-salt Tygaro-Figaro Cezaryna and white Magic Maker Little Deluxe.

8th November

Vyborg 3.11.07
Peacemaker’s White Device BOB, CAC, owner Laura Lehtinen

1th November

New international pick to Peacemaker’s kennel. Peacemaker’s Encore came international champion. Congratulations Taija and Taisto. Also thanks for Noora about trimming and Taija for helping.

Lahti INT 27.10.07
White Peacemaker’s White Device BOB. Congratulations for Helmi, Laura and Pia.

1st October

Speciality 29.9.07
White Peacemaker’s White Device CAC, BOB.
Congratulationes Helmi, Laura, Pia and Magic Maker Kennel for exellent success in Helmis first dogshow. Helmi is now just 9 months old. YOU MADE My Day!!!

21th August

Tallinn INT 18.8.07
Judge: Bo Skalin
Pepper-salt female:
Rumba Dai Medici Junior CAC, Junior BOB, 3th best female. Owners Irene Häyry and Eija-Maaria Jussila.

Kouvola 18.8.07
Pepper-salt male:
Peacemaker’s Valde CAC, BOS. Owner Päivi Salminen
White puppy:
Peacemaker’s White Diamond BOB-puppy. Owner Virpi Katajisto

14th August

Successes in dogshows

Joensuu INT 12.8.07
Judge Joao Vieira Lisboa
Pepper-salt male:
Peacemaker’s Valde EXC, winner of intermediate class, owner Päivi Salminen.
Black males:
Pompadour Blues Lananasim 2nd Best male, CAC, res-CACIB.
Black females:
Peacemaker’s Black Ultragirl BOS, CACIB, owner Kikko Askola-Mauno
Peacemaker’s Black Be Mine 2nd best female, CAC, Jun-BOB
Black-Silver females:
Sheena Blues Lananasim 2nd best female, CAC, res-CACIB
White female puppies:
Peacemaker’s White Diamond BOB-puppy, owner Virpi Katajisto

Joensuu 11.8.07
Judge Paavo Mattila
Peppersalt males:
Peacemaker’s Valde EXC, owner Päivi Salminen
White female puppies:
Peacemaker’s White Diamond BOB-puppy, owner Virpi Katajisto

Kuopio 5.8.
Judge Pedro Sanches Deleure
Black-Silver males:
Grand Calvera Easyrider 2nd best male, CAC
Black-Silver females:
Sheena Blues Lananasim CAC, BOB

Vantaa 28.7.07
Judge Gunnel Holm
Blacks: Peacemaker’s Black Unifem, CAC, BOS

20. heinäkuuta

Pompadour Blues Lananasim took part in his first Dogshow in Hankasalmi. Jari Laakso was the jugde: BM2, res-CAC. I congratule Pompadour’s second owner Niina Järvinen for breeding the BOB.


Juva INT show 8.7.07

Congratulations to Peacemaker’s Black Ultragirlle and her owner Kikko Askola-Mauno for a great result: BOB, CAC, CACIB, FIN CH!

Congratulations also to Hanna Kovanen, Chelines Idaho Potato BOB, CACIB.

From Black-silver females Peacemaker’s You To Side-Line’s got Excellent and res-CAC.