History (and a little bit about today)

Eija-Maaria Jussila

I’ve bred and owned miniature schnauzers since the beginning of the 80’s. I have been awarded by Finnish Kennel Club with the Vuolasvirta breeder’s plaque and by Finnish Schnauzer-Pinscher club with a golden badge of honour. I gladly guide new mini schnauzer -owners how to take care of their puppy and dogs in general. I have very nice memories of beginners who during the years of co-operation have become real experts with dogs.

Thanks to mini schnauzers, I now have a large circle of friends all over the world. It is something that makes this hobby so interesting and challenging. I’m looking forward to see, whomever I’m going to meet within this hobby of ours!

My first mini schnauzer was American black & silver Greer’s Dazzlin Frost (alias Roope). That is how it all started off. The most successful black & silver import has been Sailer’s R.S Tiger Woods. He has left excellent offspring all over the world. Peacemaker’s Noble de Sailer’s (Tiger’s son) is making a successful career in kennel Sailer’s in Brazil. Kalle is Pan American champion and has offspring in USA and Canada.

I started breeding blacks in 1984 by importing Landmark’s Black Raider and Walter’s Ebony Chopstick from USA. My pepper & salt breeding started, when I imported Walter’s Sea Breeze and Knee’s Starwind of Walter’s from USA. They produced a victorious litter : five out of six puppies turned out to be champions. I took a several years break from breeding salt & peppers. In 2005 I started again by importing BR CH Sailer’s JZ Galia from Brazil. In 2007 I imported Dai Medici Ustasha, Volga and Rumba from Hungary. I also have a Finnish newcomer, Willy Lee Ay Ay Ay-Pepper.

I also have bred some white litters. Dogs bred at Peacemaker’s in every colour continue their success in shows, competitions and on their owners couches.

The dogs living with us at home are girl Finca and boys Ransu and Laki.

Important dogs in the history of Peacemaker’s